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Solutions and technologies for flexo printing

Diaven offers flexographic printing solutions for companies.

With direct rotary printing, printing plates can be used to transfer printer ink directly onto the substrate to be printed. This technology is perfect for the packaging of food, cosmetics and other products.


Who flexographic printing is for

Our flexographic printing solutions are designed especially to meet the needs of print buyers e printers who recognize the functional and communicative value of packaging. During production, we subject our products to various tests, with the primary objective of ensuring the customer the best printing performance on the chosen substrate.

Get the most out of your print

Our flexographic printing solutions for packaging offer several advantages:

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Versatility: this type of printing allows you to define every detail of the final product, to work on materials with different characteristics and to realize single-color or patterned prints. In addition, it is possible to choose between different types of inks (water-based, solvent-based and UV), in order to adapt to the type of application and the processes following the print.

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High-quality image production: the high performance of flexo printing comes from the combination of fast-drying inks and automation of the entire production process. . In addition, to ensure the best possible performance, the digital material supplied undergoes a series of quality checks during the prepress phase.

Our technology

Infinity Perfect HD Suite

Infinity exploits the innovative XPS Crystal and perfectly combines main and UV back-exposure.
Unlike UV frames, which use lamps with fluctuating intensity, the XPS Crystal uses UV LEDs that require no warm-up time and always emit constant radiation.
The simultaneous and optimally controlled main exposure and UV back exposure produce absolutely uniform digital flexo plates, regardless of their type, timing and production method.

Perfect HD Solutions is a system capable of using different types of polymers: Crystal Led from Esko, Kodak Flexcel NX from Miraclon, Full HD, Flat Top in the Plate. This choice has enabled us to:
offer the customer the greatest variety of printing solutions;
allow the optimization of the printing result in every situation, through pretesting.

We work sure of the result

Why choose Diaven for flexo printing

Diaven provides you with a team of professionals who will follow your project to give shape to your ideas. Thanks to our in-depth knowledge of this sector we are able to speed up production, avoid material waste and guarantee a finished product of uncompromising quality.

The work in progress, status and queues of all connected devices are clearly displayed on the screen, with the following advantages:
transparent and controlled production planning;
easier plate production;
easier reporting and analysis;
reduction of manual steps by 50%.

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