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Printing plates

Diaven is active in the production of high-quality photopolymer printing plates for all applications.

Our printing plates are made of photopolymer and are characterised by highly qualified and automated production equipment, available in various thicknesses and adapted to the specific printing methods and material to be printed on.

Flexographic printing plates

To whom the printing plate production service is addressed

Our printing plates are created to meet the needs of companies in various sectors. During production, we subject the plate to various checks: the primary objective is to guarantee the customer the maximum consistency and quality of the final print result on the chosen support, with respect to the creative packaging idea agreed with the customer.

Among our main customers we have:

Print Buyers requiring converting services for packaging on large quantities of materials.
Stampatori who require the proposed services to meet the needs of the end customer.

Solutions for all packaging

Perfect Print HD Suite and Infinity

For big brands, we provide solutions that allow us to offer the most varied types of product: Perfect Print HD Suite and Infinity.

Perfect Print HD Solutions is a system capable of exploiting different types of polymers: Crystal Led by Esko, Kodak Flexcel NX by Miraclon, Full HD, Flat Top in the Plate. This choice has enabled us to:
offer the customer the greatest variety of printing solutions;
allow the optimization of the printing result in every situation, through pretesting.

With Infinity you get more from the plate. Infinity exploits the innovative XPS Crystal and perfectly combines main and UV back-exposure.
Unlike UV frames, which use lamps with fluctuating intensity, the XPS Crystal uses UV LEDs that require no warm-up time and always emit constant radiation.
The simultaneous and optimally controlled main exposure and UV back exposure produce absolutely uniform digital flexo plates, regardless of their type, timing and production method. This results in a very stable, high-performance dot, even when thinned and at low %.
In addition, the light technology is able to repeat the most efficient patterns on the plate for better color lay-out.

Expertise and technology

Why turn to our company

Relying on our professionalism for the production of printing plates means benefiting from a service characterized by efficiency, innovation and an unparalleled customization possibility, declined in our Safe Plate Check package.

Safe Plate Check includes:

icona tecnologia

The best technology available, enabling us to produce engravings with a high degree of precision and speed. Thanks to our process automation system, we increase production capacity by 140% on an annual basis, up to 14 hours of continuous operation per day.

icona monitoraggio

Constant monitoring of products, both during parameterization to achieve the set print result, and during the production flow to ensure consistent production at all stages.

icona tracciabilità ordine

Responsiveness and traceability of order status, thanks to a monitoring system accessible at all times: this allows us to guarantee full control of order volume variations and maximum promptness in resolving any urgency.

icona archiviazione

Data archiving, the information relating to each project is collected on a digital medium and organized to facilitate consultation at all times, simplifying the procedures for checking and modifying parameters.

Flexographic printing plates

Our printing and letterpress plate technology

For the production of digital photopolymer plates (round top and flat top) in large format (2.03 m x 1.27 m) we use the following technologies:
Crystal LED – Esko XPS
FLEXO FHD – Esko UV in line full HD

We also provide three ESKO CTP (Computer to Plate) for digital photopolymer plates up to maximum format (127 x 203 cm), two of which have high-definition optics.

We make use of two independent plate exposure, developing, drying and fixing lines (127 x 203 cm) and a modular VIANORD EASY TO PLATE™ TWO production line, comprising:

EVO 5 BP PROCESSOR to ensure process monitoring and traceability;
AUTOMATIC DRYER EVO 5 to establish maximum uniformity of plate temperature;
LIGHT FINISHER – STACKER EVO 5 with light integrator for UVA and UVC exposure and 8 drawers to accommodate the finished plates.

Esko’s Crystal 5080 CDI unit enables more efficient flexo plate production through remote management of automatic loading.
With the Device Manager, which shows the job in progress, status and queues of all connected devices on screen, the prepress department has all the information it needs to organize production queues easily and according to priorities to produce the right plate at the right time. Reducing manual steps by 50 per cent and producing simpler analysis reports.

For the production of letterpress plates we use the Combitype A4 A3 – Cartomac system with water-based development.

Our experience

Experience before technology

The use of technology for the creation of printing plates is an important part of our work, but even more important is the experience we have accumulated over the years, which allows us to respond to our customers’ requests regardless of the machinery available.

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