A Market Leader in the Prepress Sector

Diaven works in flexographic prepress and production of dies, and is the ideal partners of companies that recognize the values of image, communication and functionality in packaging. Thanks to constant technological innovation and collaboration with major players in the sector for research and development in flexography, Diaven positions itself as ally of the Printers and Print Buyers who invest in order to satisfy their customers.

For over 35 years, Diaven has chosen to focus on human resources, quality in its work and innovation, to offer quality prepress services to businesses looking for flexographic printing that can express the message of the packaging.

For the corrugated cardboard industry, Diaven produces cutting dies and provides a service for converting.

Quality: working assured of the result!

We know how important it is for our customers to receive a “plug & play” printing service: it means trust, consistent quality to optimize production times and costs. This is why Diaven applies constant and rigorous quality control and uses Digital Automation to maximize the effectiveness of the production flow and ensure continuity and the backup of its work.

Diaven ensures the quality of a complete service for all types of packaging, from the concept to the graphic design to the production of the printing plate, by providing specialist advice and testing of new products in the design phase, experimenting with new technologies.

Streamlined organization and production give the customer the security of a printing plate ready for a quick start-up of the printing machine. Diaven’s quality is ensured not just by the ISO certification, which provides for the systematic control of quality of the plate on multiple levels, but also by the resources dedicated to post-production and post-sale to ensure customer satisfaction. The Quality department was set up, after a careful organizational analysis, to carry out Measurements, Controls, Trials, independently and in collaboration with the printer. Diaven’s objective is to always ensure its customers repeatable and consistent quality in the products and in the process control, serving also as a partner for testing new solutions for flexo printing.


Diaven believes in research and testing of flexo solutions to create innovation and professionalism. We have staff in charge of the development of tests in collaboration with customers and suppliers. The results of our tests are an asset for the flexography sector because this research translates into the development of marketing solutions and quality packaging.

Since 2008, Diaven has been working closely with ATIF (www.atif.it), by bringing its contribution and experience in the technological development of flexographic printing, to give customers the most up-to-date and reliable solutions.

Innovation is present in everything we do:

  • software,  machinery and equipment;
  • continuous training at all our departments in collaboration with the Professional Association, the Association of Industrialists and bodies accredited by the Veneto Region;
  • research & development for process and product innovation.

Over the years, Diaven’s innovation process has been constant, assessing the impacts of innovations on the market and singling out those innovations which really give a boost to the sector.

We are the first to believe in innovation by investing in production and advanced machinery with respect to the industry trends in order to ensure the best technology for the printer and printing solution.

Our certifications


Quality Management System: ISO 9001

Certification obtained by companies which operate according to the requirements of the Quality Management System norm.

Being in compliance with the international standard ISO9001:2015 is related to developing, maintaining and following methods and processes aimed at achieving maximum efficiency, certainty of results and quality of the services provided to customers. Commitments and continuous investments directly translate to wholly defined work procedures  and an accurate quality control.

The ISO 9001 Certification is an indicator of a level of reliability substantiated  by accredited agencies, part of a standard adopted by more than a million companies in 170 world countries (source: ISO Survey 2016).

HD – Full HD Flexo

With HD and Full HD Flexo technologies, the ideal standard for flexo quality, cliche production is characterized to achieve a superior image quality in the printing phase.

These certifications attest Diaven’s performance among the best in the sector: higher resolution and image definition, perfect printing density of full solids allowing for bright colours, smaller size of the printing dot and a wider tonal range, complete uniformity of plates, better results achievable with existing printing equipment.

These certifications identify Diaven as an innovator in the field of flexography, in the context of an evergoing Research&Development aimed at reaching maximum quality and customer satisfaction.

Our history

1980: Foundation

1986: System for the production of large-format photopolymer stereotypes (Dupont)

1988: System for the production of large-format photopolymer stereotypes (Letterflex II 3050)

1996: Plate stereotype production system (Flex light 5280)

2003: Digital engraving system of large-format stereotype (Esko CDI Advance)

2010: HD Digital engraving system of large-format stereotype (Esko HD cdi spark)

2014: Digital engraving system in Full HD flat top of the large format stereotype (Esko UV in line full HD)

2015: Incorporation of a new high-quality production line to monitor and track the entire production process (Via Nord Evo 5 – Processor BP Display E)

2015: Turn towards well-being 1) process optimization 2) process automation 3) integration of the quality system into the management system

2018: Investments in management software to connect machinery and operators to the ERP

2019: Introduced the Evo5 – Cdi crystal line

2020: Introduced the Kongsberg plotter


We have designed an automated space for the management of on-line orders to ensure speed and quality.