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Who we are

Diaven has been in business since 1980 and operates as a leader in the flexographic prepress industry.

Our company represents a point of reference for all entities that recognize the importance and communicative value of packaging.


Who we are

Diaven is an Italian company founded in 1980, operating as a leader in the flexographic prepress and die-cut manufacturing industry. Our company represents a point of reference for all entities that recognize the importance of packaging and the communicative value of image.

We at Diaven distinguish ourselves from our competitors by the special customer orientation that can be found in our reality:

quality, organization, method, and optimal data management;
acceptance, passion and respect for human values in relationships;
innovative and sophisticated machinery;
Maximum customization of services and products;
High professional standing;

referents with great motivation;
Speed of response and delivery of products;
utmost attention to sustainability, safety and the environment;
Ambition to serve companies that matter.


40+ years of experience


Our strength is people

Diaven, over the years, has implemented an excellent work automation and digitization system, increasing production capacity by 85 percent and building an efficient and flexible structure.

Every year we invest 20 percent of sales in innovation, research and development. We boast intelligent management of the business cycle, in all its parts, this allows us to improve the business climate, ensuring the participation of all staff in the company's goals and the simplification of the paperwork around it. In this way we can foster:

The activities that add value to the product;
The reduction of the risk of error;
technological investments in innovative machinery, management software and editors;
index monitoring, with a success-oriented mindset, in order to be able to give customers a qualitative and innovative product that fully meets their needs with real-time responses.

The company operates in compliance with Quality Management System requirements, lean manufactory principles by constantly conducting monitoring in terms of speed, responsiveness, clarity of staff language, quality, innovation of products and services, and on the level of maintenance, controls and optimization of the business system and production flow. Diaven has been ISO 9001 quality certified since the 1990s and has always actively participated and contributed to the technical activities of industry associations.

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