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Prepress Graphics

Diaven is active with a high-performance graphic prepress service, Safe Graphic Check.

Safe Graphic Check service ensures optimal rendering of creativity on packaging. We use the latest available technologies in synergy with our know-how to meet the needs of customers and partners in every way, ensuring uncompromising quality.

Flexographic prepress

To whom the graphic prepress service is addressed

The graphic prepress service provided by Diaven aims to optimize the printing result, achieving the best results in terms of image and functionality of the product commissioned by the print buyer.

In fact, through our work, we produce unique and customized packaging for the following sectors:

pharmaceuticals and nutraceuticals;
personal care;
food & beverage;
cosmetics and toiletries;
chemicals and fertilizers;

prepress verification

Safe Graphic Check

Through the Safe Graphic Check system, the customer can check the packaging graphics before plate engraving and enhance the printing result on the package.

Graphic prepress includes:
Preflight of files with analysis and reporting also online;
Processing the file for printing;
Color repurposing and Device-Link: color processing for the best print output;
special color management in cxf;
imposition: layout of print output;
Certified color proofs, Cromalin;
3D visualization and video;
mock up;
1:1 scale blueprints;

Expertise and technology

Why choose Diaven for graphic prepress services

Choosing Diaven for graphic prepress services means taking advantage of the benefits of digitization of the production system and a team up-to-date in the use of the latest printing technologies and expertise.


icone grafica prestampa diaven gestione dati

Synchronous data management that includes the administrative, logistics-production, graphics departments for the best data management.

icone grafica prestampa diaven automazione

Automation of the flexographic prepress workflow, from layout editing and photo editing to file management for engraving.

icone grafica prestampa diaven controllo del prodotto

Facilitation of product control with selected methods by checking software.

icone grafica prestampa diaven previsualizzazione progetto

Visualization of the project from the first stage of graphic editing: it is possible to get an idea of what the flexographic prints and plates will look like from the very beginning of the project in order to search for the most realistic results on the flexographic press.

Flexographic prepress

Our technology for prepress graphics

Our graphic prepress service integrates graphic solutions with the digitization of the production system, in a continuous dialogue that allows the graphic expertise of operators and quality control over production to be combined.

The most important technologies we use for quality management and control are:
ESKO Suite: Packaging Management Solution, Packaging Design, Packaging Prepress, Digital Print for Packaging, Digital Flexo;
Layout control system with 3D preview;
Quick Check bar code checking system;
management, control proofing and printing systems X Rite, GMG, Esko, EFI, TECKON, Epson 7900WT;
preflight control management system: Esko, ENFOCUS;
Plate calibration and control system: FLEXO3PRO from Peret, Tekon, X-Rite.

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