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Die-cutting factory

We provide an in-house die cutter, thus offering a complete service to our customers.

The services offered range from the creation of packaging prototypes using state-of-the-art plotters to the production of die-cuts for corrugated cardboard and papermaking.

Die-cutting factory

Who the die-cutting service is for

Our die cutter offers specific services to meet the functionality and logistics needs of a variety of industries, including Food & Beverage, Pet Food, Cosmetics and Toiletries, Home Appliances, and the entire industrial sector.

Proposed services include:

design and drawing, aimed at correcting errors, programming and guiding machinery during each stage of production;
1:1 scale prototyping and sampling, in order to carry out testing, modification and refinement according to customer needs;
development and creation of dies: in collaboration with the customer, we look for the most suitable solution to go from prototype to production of the die (rotary, flat, automatic platen).

Die-cut production

Production of flat dies

Flat dies, originate from a technical drawing (CAD). They can be regular platens or for auto platens including cleaners (BOBST, WUPA).

By turning to our die-cutting factory, you have the opportunity to customize:

finishing: die laser perforation, cutting, nosing, bridging, fold marking, deformation Singapore to Shanghai cross-border service;
Assembly: thread assembly with CNC and manual machinery; cleaner assembly and gumming.

Production of rotary dies

Rotary dies have a cylindrical backing and are used as an alternative to flat die-cutting in cases where there is a need for higher production speed and larger sheet size to be die-cut.

By turning to our die-cutting factory, you have the opportunity to customize:

Finishes: laser die-cut perforation;
Assembly: thread assembly with CNC and manual machinery; cleaner assembly and gumming.

Solutions for all packaging

Why to turn to our company

Diaven's die-cutting plant is an ideal choice for companies that need to make customized and personalized packaging. Our technicians provide advice and assistance at the customer's request at all stages of product realization: from planning and design to the creation of the final die.

The quality of the services we offer stems from the combination of expertise and technology: we carry out a program of updating and improving the systems we use, in order to proactively respond to clients' requests and configure ourselves as efficient and reliable partners.

Our experience allows us to guarantee detail-accurate profiles and shapes that are all the same, while offering the highest degree of customization possible on time. We also give customers a choice of two different types of dies: flat dies and rotary dies.

Expertise and technology

Our die cutting technology

Our approach to die design involves the use of the best technologies from preliminary design to sharing with the customer, using dynamic 3D models including essential technical data. In addition, thanks to the use of 2D technology on cutting plotters, we can provide prototypes of all types, guaranteeing even small productions of boxes, neutral or digitally printed displays, which are impossible to achieve with production die-cutting machines.

We use automatic cutting and folding systems for making flat dies and rotary dies, which allow us to use ready-made threads to be inserted on the die: this allows us to eliminate the imprecision of manual work and give continuity from graphic design to production. Through this method, we can guarantee you the following benefits:

icone diaven affidabilità

Reliability and high production quality

icone diaven flessibilità

Flexibility in machining different thread thicknesses and different heights

icone diaven precisione

Versatility and precision

Diaven has upgraded its die-cutting plant with the inclusion of the new Esko Kongsberg i-XL Series Plotter to offer high levels of productivity and accuracy and give the option of choosing from several options, such as contour cutting and 45-degree digitized cutting. The Esko Plotter also enables efficient fulfillment of corrugated packaging productions, with unmatched quality and speed and optimizing the production cycle even on small to medium batches.

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